Jean Paul Dia, a versatile director, cinematographer, and fashion photographer hailing from New York City, brings a unique blend of cultural influences to his storytelling. Born in Mount Vernon, New York, and shaped by both his time in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and travels back to New York after college, Jean Paul draws inspiration from his West African roots, particularly Togo and Ivory Coast.

Dia's creative vision is characterized by a clean, confident, sexy, and joyful aesthetic. Through his lens, he aims to elevate individuals, making them the main characters of his visual narratives. Influenced by legends like Peter Lindbergh, Steven Meisel, and Kwaku Alston, Dia's work also reflects the profound impact of his mother, a Togolese woman whose strength, resilience, and transformative moments inspire him.

Themes of confidence, joy, and sexiness permeate Dia's work, but he aspires to expand his storytelling into more diverse opportunities, showcasing different cultures and moods. His commitment to representation in the creative industry is evident in his pursuit of capturing a broad spectrum of talents, transcending the limitations often imposed on creators of color.

Dia's experiences living in New York, Georgia, and South Carolina have molded his artistic perspective, contributing to the rich and diverse stories he tells through his work. His unique background, coupled with familial influences, allows him to capture the nuanced beauty of various cultures, from the luxurious to the everyday.

Joining Vibe Village was a natural alignment for Jean Paul Dia, finding a supportive system that understands the nuances of the industry. The agency's founder, Tumi Brooks, provided the platform to navigate obstacles, allowing Dia to confidently present his narrative in rooms where his unique voice is needed. Through Vibe Village, Dia aims to challenge the industry's status quo, contributing to a positive shift in the representation of black creatives.

Known for the "Dia Effect," Dia's signature style embodies an elevated and timeless look, showcasing strength and confidence with a soft, yet dynamic touch.

In summary, Jean Paul Dia is a visionary storyteller with a mission to elevate and diversify the creative landscape, making impactful contributions to the representation of artists of color. Through his lens, he invites viewers to experience the richness of cultures and emotions, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

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